Blue Porcelain



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Blue and white porcelain is one of the most significant forms of Chinese art that dates back to China's dynastic periods. This sophisticated ceramic art was used to decorate imperial courts. Chinese blue porcelain differs from other ceramics in the purity of its clay. The designs are painted with cobalt, which transforms into a beautiful deep blue during firing. These St. Frank pieces are handmade in Jingdezhen, "The Porcelain Capital of China."

The Phoenix piece is decorated with a phoenix motif. According to Chinese legend, the phoenix only appears in places that are blessed with peace, prosperity, and happiness.

The Luck piece is decorated with the ideogram for luck. This Chinese symbol is often displayed at the entrance of homes to bring fortune to its residents.

The Leo piece is decorated with a lion motif. The lion, king of the forest, symbolizes power and grandeur.