Gold Dust Ashanti Spoon Decorative Accessory




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Prior to the advent of coinage and money, West African communities _ especially the Ashanti and Akan tribes _ used gold dust as currency when trading with European coastal merchants and Islamic dealers from the North. Historically, this antique Bronze spoon served as an important tool in moving gold dust to the scale for measuring. It was created in the lost wax casting method. In this tradition, a rough clay core is molded and then covered by a layer of bee's wax. The wax is carved and shaped into the desired design, then covered with more clay. Next, the mold is baked to melt and drain the wax, leaving an empty space between the inner and outer clay layers. Molten metal is carefully poured into the chamber, hardening to create the final shape. Finally, the outer layer of clay is chipped off, revealing the metal within.