Copper Pod Bowl Small

Contemporary Handmade



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Copper artistry, which dates back to the 4th millennium BCE in the Himalaya region, has historically been used in the creation of Hindu and Buddhist religious icons. Additionally, copper plates have played an important role in the documentation of South Asian history; because copper does not rust or decay, it offers an ideal surface for engraving and record keeping. A cultural symbol of luck, healing, and love, copper continues to appear in decorative objects meant to bring good fortune to homes across India. Drawing on this rich tradition of metallurgy, female artisans in India created these hand-hammered bowls. Their shape is inspired by the petals of the lotus flower _ a symbol of spiritual potential in Buddhism and Hinduism. Because the lotus rises from swampy waters to blossom as a pure, uncontaminated flower, it serves as a symbol of purity and resurrection.