Forsyth Original Editor's Desk

Contemporary Handmade


Forsyth x St. Frank

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The design of the Forsyth Editor’s Desk is based on an original copy editor's desk commonly used by newspaper and magazine editors. Back in the day, when copy editors at newspapers still worked with pencils and paper, copy desks were often horseshoe-shaped. Rank-and-file editors, also known as “rim men,” sat around the outside, while the editor sat in the “slot” or the center of the desk, so he could reach all the rim men to hand out stories. The unique shape allows for many design uses in your home – the perfect desk, a beautiful console or sofa table, a cool dining room buffet or bar. An instant classic. Handmade by our master iron and wood craftsmen, the handsome beveled, quarter sawn oak top balances perfectly with the welded iron base. A beautiful combination of hardwood and metal.
Oak | Dark Walnut Finish