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Gotland Sheepskin Rug

Contemporary Handmade


Forsyth x St. Frank

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Rare to be found in the U.S., these beautiful sheepkins are of the oldest race of sheep in Sweden. Unique to the island of Gotland, they are renowned for their silvery-grey colored wool, silky-to-the-touch curls (or ‘purls’ as they are known), and supreme suppleness. The fleece is fine, long, lustrous and dense and can appear in all shades of grey, from almost white to silver to charcoal-grey and dark enough to be almost black. A luxuriously decorative accessory, the Gotland sheepskin throw can be used to drape over an armchair or sofa or used as a throw rug at the side of your bed. The possibilities are endless. Photos are of a prime example of Gotland sheepskin. Colors and tones may vary.