Indigo Kantha Pillow




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This St. Frank pillow is constructed from a patchwork quilt of indigo saris adorned with the kantha running stitch. Traditionally used by women in rural Bengal, kantha is a native household craft in which several layers of cloth are embroidered together to create quilts and coverings for mirrors, boxes, pillows, and other decorative objects. The kantha stitch gives this textile a beautiful textured character, while the indigo color, or "gold blue," symbolizes prestige and represents the link between heaven and earth. Through a careful process, indigo can produce a vast palette of blue hues. Traditional dyers would ask their customers' color preference, from the palest sky to the deepest midnight. Indigo dye has been used for millennia in India to color yarn and fabric; fittingly, the word indigo is derived from the Greek word indikos, meaning "from India."