Mixed Ornaments Set of 4

Contemporary Handmade


Laos, Mexico, Rwanda, Peru

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This ornament box features miniature embodiments of four iconic St. Frank crafts: a Mexican Day of the Dead skull, a stuffed elephant from Laos, a Ghanaian Ashanti fertility doll, and a Peruvian alpaca. Created by local artisans from each country, these ornaments showcase traditional craft techniques and celebrate important cultural events. Crafted to honor deceased family members on Día de los Muertos, the skull symbolizes death and rebirth; their bright colors reflect the joy and spirit of lost loved ones. The stuffed elephant, created by the Tai Lue people, signifies good health and prosperity in honor of Ban ViengKeo village's annual elephant festival. The Ashanti fertility ornament brings fertility, health, and happiness. And the alpaca, revered since Incan times, represents the preservation of ancient traditions. May this collection of ornaments offer peace and hope for a brighter future across the globe!