Nam Lai Accent Framed Textile

Contemporary Handmade



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Tai Lue weavers from the north river region of the Lao People's Democratic Republic create complex and colorful patterns such as those in this Nam Lai tapestry. The words nam lai mean "river flow" in Lao; thus, the inspiration for this piece is the natural river current. Nam Lai designers are inspired by the area's mountainous landscape and often feature motifs of waterways, lightning, and mountain ranges in their creations.

This St. Frank fair trade cotton piece is hand-woven using a freestyle weaving technique in which naturally dyed cotton yarns are wrapped around a warp to create the bold pattern. This woven design is visible on the back as well as the front of the cloth. The pom-poms added to the far edges of the handmade textile are a decoration traditionally applied to the end of a Lao man's shoulder dress, called PhaBieng. This fashion embellishment has become a recent signature of Tai Lue textiles.