Peter Hvidt and Olga Molgaard-Nielsen FD-130 Teak Lounge Chair and Ottoman in Brazilian Cowhide



Forsyth x St. Frank


Hvidt & Mølgaard was a Copenhagen-based, Danish design and architectural firm which existed from 1944 until 2009. Founded by Peter Hvidt and Orla Mølgaard-Nielsen, the company was a pioneering force in Danish furniture design and industrialized production in the 1950s, creating furniture that was easy to mass-produce and economic to transport.
This FD-130 lounge chair and ottoman is so cool with beautiful lines and color in solid teak. We created custom cushions in a lovely, silky salt and pepper gray Brazilian cowhide. The cushions are filled with feathers for a sink-into seat. Not only is this a beaut to look at, it's supremely comfortable too.