Talsint no. 1 Rug





This vintage rug was hand-woven in the Atlas Mountains by Berber women, an indigenous people living in communities across North Africa, west of the Nile Valley. Renowned for their talent in the textile arts, many Berber women own looms and weave as part of their daily responsibilities. Rugs are woven for the weaver's home or gifted to family members to celebrate marriage or birth. Wool from local sheep is handspun then dyed with natural materials - saffron, henna, eucalyptus leaves, tea, madder root & hibiscus flowers - before being woven or knotted onto a vertical loom. Motifs reflect everyday life, including fertility, religious beliefs, and protection against evil spirits. The thickness of the pile and the colors of each piece reflect the varying regions, such as Boujaad, Beni Mellal, or Talsint.