Although it seems impossible, 2020 is HERE. While there’s nothing like a fresh start, we’re also recovering from a season of overindulging and overextending ourselves. After the party comes the after-party… and then comes the hangover. Moral, physical, spiritual. Come January, year in and year out, we punish ourselves with a list of insane goals we will likely forget about, but not before feeling absurdly guilty about being unable to “learn Italian and lose 50lbs” in a week. This year, why not try and make your resolutions a little more realistic and more importantly kind... to yourself. True wellness and richness comes from appreciating the small moments and quality things in life - not setting ourselves up for failure and then cursing our weak will power.

Instead of the enduring lose weight, try eating without phone or television

There, we said it! According to a quick Google search, losing weight is the most common New Year’s resolution. And we’ll admit, we’ve scribbled it on our list once or twice… or every year since we had ready access to women’s fashion magazines. Why not skip the body-bashing this year (and forevermore) and reframe your food resolution to focus on slowing down and enjoying meals, whether dining solo or with family. Though endlessly difficult, attempt to eat sans cell. You’re more likely to feel satisfied and content if you focus on what you’re eating versus mindlessly scrolling through Instagram while wolfing down a salad standing up in your kitchen. (Again, no shade, we’ve been there big time).

One easy way to be more mindful about eating is to plate whatever you’re having. Even if you’re alone, even if it happens to be a late-night Postmates after a long day at work, take the time to put it on a real plate, get yourself some non-plastic cutlery and savor the food you’re about to eat. Even if it is Chow Mein for the third time that week. Again, this is a no-judgment zone. (We prefer Pad Thai, though.)

Instead of the impossible work less, try spend more quality time with loved ones

Resolutions feel less scary if they’re framed positively. When looking at your schedule, be it day, month, or year, try to think backward. At the end of the month, how many nights do you want to spend with friends over dinner versus putting in face time with your boss? Sometimes working like a maniac is unavoidable, which is why carving out time with friends is so crucial.

Having a standing night once a month with your core group of friends can be helpful. It seems ridiculous to have to schedule in something fun, but it creates tradition and routine and saves the dreaded, “can you do Friday? How about Sunday morning?” endless stream of texts. We love a Monday night game night because Mondays are rotten and wine and cards always make it better.

Instead of take a vacation, try travel to a new place

Sure, the beach is lovely and we all need to spend more time there, but when’s the last time you actually traveled? As in big-scale, mega-adventure? As life gets more complicated we tend to default into just parking on the beach for a week and hoping that revives our burned-out selves. Planning a big trip can be arduous and intimidating, and may sound less rejuvenating than an all-inclusive resort in the Bahamas, and yet there is something so life-affirming about seeing something completely new. Feeling the enormity of the world can be the best medicine for exhaustion and city life. Consider ticking one of your bucket-list places off this year. It’ll be worth more than all those semi-relaxing weekend trips to your friend's beach house.

Inspo to get planning your next adventure: know that you have the chicest travel ware around. Use this as an airplane blanket when you jet off to Peru or Paris or beyond.

Instead of shop less, try invest in forever items

Right right, we know. Always trying to shop less and save more. But again, that sounds daunting and un-fun. Reframe your spending resolution to be positive. Remember when we were younger we would lust after a single item for months at a time, staring at the Barbie/ Doll House/ stuffed animal in the window for months and when you’d finally get it on Christmas morning or birthday it was like the whole world stopped. Then we became adults and found out about one-day shipping and everything became a little too impulsive and available. Try making a list of things you really, really want and waiting a month before buying them. If you still want it then it’s probably worthwhile. If “leopard print onesie” doesn’t age well then, well, probably best left in the sale bin.

Take “shop small” to the next level and opt for collecting truly unique one-of-a-kind items that you’ll have in your home forever. Admiring a beautiful addition to your favorite room (and, yes, your closet counts as a room) will bring you more joy than the 7 pairs of fast fashion sunglasses you impulse buy. Promise!