Cue Beach Boys’ “Good Vibrations” now!

You heard it - we opened our doors beachside in the new Pacific Palisades Village and we’re excited to share the result! The mood of our SoCal abode incorporates a touch south of the border, with organic adobe walls, cement floors, and a couple of our new and newest wallpapers and fabrics (everyone’s taking about our Kaleidoscope Kilim wallpaper - preorder it now!). We teamed up with the usual suspects, designing the space with our old pals at SWAYSTUDIO. We sprinkled in some never-seen-before furniture from Forsyth, and a stunning light fixture from our new friends at Allied Maker. The result: a modern hacienda with our signature luxe bohemian aesthetic.

Truth be told, the move in was nothing short of miraculous. Not only our store, but our dozens of neighbors with Rick Caruso’s team, transformed a construction site into an oasis of a town center in a matter of days. Below are some snaps of the chaos hours before the opening just to keep it real.

Find us at 15259 Palisades Village Lane, next door to Elyse Walker’s TOWNE and ALC. We’re open 7 days a week 10 AM - 8 PM, so no excuses, shop like a champ!