Lest we forget, we are in the midst of a major climate crisis (among other crises! Not where you thought I was going with that, huh?). The earth is at breaking point and, frankly, while things seem utterly out of our control, we believe in the collective power of doing what we can to make the world a little better (aka staying home). This doesn’t necessarily mean virtually protesting with Greta all day (though major points if you are). As you have probably heard, sometimes the easiest way to affect change is to do so with your wallet. Small shifts in how and where you spend your dollars can amount to great change. Crazy to hear this from a retailer, I know, but one of the easiest places to start is buying fewer new products.

Buying vintage, on the other hand, is environmentally friendly and can drastically decrease your carbon footprint. There’s been increasing coverage on the practice of buying lightly used, resold items to help make a difference. A recent piece from The Business of Fashion outlined the enormous impact this practice can have: "If everyone in the U.S. bought one used item instead of new in 2019, it would save nearly 6 billion pounds of carbon emissions generated by the production of new garments. That’s the equivalent of taking more than half a million cars off the road for a full year." We’re talkin’ MAJOR.

We do our best to carefully consider every part of our supply chain - from our contemporary handmade wears that support quality jobs for artisans in under-resourced settings, to our printed lines that support our artisan partners through royalties from our Artisan Support Fund. Today, we’re shining a little light on our vintage line, sourced from small businesses around the world. These pieces are one-of-a-kind or limited edition and freaking fabulous. Ain't it grand when you find something beautiful on the inside and outside, too. What’s old is new again!