When decorating your home, adding pillows can be the easiest way to create a significant impact. However, with so many different sizes, it can be overwhelming to pick out the right size for your furniture. Use this sizing guide, so you can focus on the fun part, playing with patterns! 


  • 18” W x 18” H: This size is an easy way to add personality to a smaller accent or lounge chair, or as part of a layered sofa look.

  • 20” W x 20” H: This is our go-to for a small to a standard-sized sofa. We love to use a couple of these pillows mixed with a smaller lumbar pillow in different patterns to curate a custom look. Also suitable as part of a set of decorative pillows atop the bed.

  • 22” W x 22” H: This is our go-to for a standard to a larger-sized sofa or as part of a set atop the bed. Pro tip: mix pillows of different heights, patterns, and even shapes for a dynamic, layered look.

  • 26” W x 26” H: Also known as a euro pillow, this size is traditionally used on the bed. We recommend 1 for a twin, 2 for a full or queen, and 3 for a king. They also look great on an oversized sofa, sectional, daybed, or bench.


  • 16” W x 12” H: Just like 18”x18” pillows, this size is great for an accent or lounge chair. Because of its shape, it can also provide back support. For style and comfort, group it with larger square pillows on a sofa or bed.

  • 26” W x 16” H: Due to its versatile size, this pillow can transition from the centerpiece on your sofa to your main pillow on the bed with ease.

  • 40” W x 15” H: Style a full, queen, or king bed with this designer-loved simple solution. Either use it alone or atop a layer of 20” W x 20” H, 22” W x 22” H, or euro pillows. This lumbar pillow also works on any bench.

  • 48” W x 12” H: Style the 40” W x 15” H pillow, just a bit longer and more slender.

Use this as a guide on your next project, but as always, feel free to have fun with sizing to create a look that you love! In the meantime, shop our full assortment of pillows in an array of colors, patterns, and textures.